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Dental implants provide patients with an option for permanent restorations. Each implant is composed of a tiny titanium rod that is inserted into the gums and rests against the jawbone, where it eventually fuses to the bone. This provides a secure “root” for a dental crown or other type of restoration, leaving patients with a beautiful, fully restored smile.

The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

As far as dental restorations go, a dental implant comes the closest to mimicking the natural structure of the teeth. By serving as the root of the tooth, the implant becomes a permanent structure. Dental implants also look and feel very natural, and multiple teeth can be replaced using implants (depending on the level of health in the gums and bone).

Dental implants require healthy gums and bones. In order to make sure that it’s the best option for you and that you’ll get long-term success from your dental implant(s), we provide full assessments of your oral health. Book your appointment today to learn more about dental implants and find out if you are a candidate.

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A Long-Term Tooth Loss Solution

Dental implants do not require regular replacements, as many other restorations do. The crowns or artificial teeth secured to the implant may require occasional replacement, but the implant itself is permanent. If you are curious about the benefits of dental implants and would like to learn if you are a candidate, reach out to our experienced dental team today.

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