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The dental care team at Donway Dental is experienced in providing tooth extraction procedures right here in our North York dental clinic. We work with our patients to find the most minimally invasive treatments, exhausting all other options before removing a tooth. However, if we believe it is in your best interest to have a problematic tooth removed, our team will explain your options for extraction and restoration to ensure that you get excellent care before, during, and after the extraction procedure.

Start to Finish Treatment Planning

Most people think about tooth extraction in terms of the procedure, but the extraction process actually extends well beyond that. First, we take detailed images of the structures of your mouth surrounding the affected tooth to plan your treatment. Then, we create a personalized plan to safely and effectively remove your tooth for optimal results. After your procedure, we will provide follow-up care and help you examine your restorative options.

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Keeping Your Comfort in Mind

Patient-focused care always looks to the comfort, emotional wellbeing, and confidence of the patient. We want you to feel great when making decisions about your oral health by providing you with all of the information and education you need. We also want to help you feel great during and after your procedure. Ask us about your options for local anesthetic and sedation dentistry, and be sure to follow your specific aftercare instructions following your extraction.

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