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A dental crown is a restoration that fits over a tooth from top to bottom, similar to a cap or cover. Each crown is created to look, fit, and feel just like the natural tooth, but often with improvements to the strength, structure, or look of the tooth it is covering. Our dentists may use crowns as a restorative or cosmetic procedure or to achieve both beauty and function in a single treatment.

Rejuvenate Your Smile

Our dentists may recommend dental crowns to rejuvenate your smile for different reasons. For example, we may suggest dental crowns if:
Your teeth are damaged or weakened
Your teeth are broken or chipped
Your teeth are severely worn down
Your teeth are discoloured or misshapen

You need to cover a dental implant or support a bridge

You’ve had a root canal or have a large filling that has weakened the tooth
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How Dental Crowns Are Made

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of dental materials, including ceramic, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal material. They cover the entire length and circumference of the tooth, including all of the visible portion of the tooth. The crown is cemented to a prepared tooth that has had some of the natural outer structure removed, ensuring a snug fit. The tooth roots hold the restoration securely in place in the mouth. If you are interested in dental crowns for cosmetic or restorative treatment, reach out to book a consultation and examination today!

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