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Fixed dental bridges are restorations that are secured into the mouth. Although they may need replacement every decade or so, they are a highly durable solution for mild tooth loss. Our dentists can construct a dental bridge in several ways to suit your current oral health and ensure you receive a comfortable, appealing, affordable, and lasting solution.

Secure Solutions for Replacing Your Teeth

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is secured in place using the nearby teeth (also known as abutment teeth) on either side of the gap. A traditional bridge uses an artificial tooth secured to two dental crowns on either side. Implant-supported dental bridges can use dental implants as abutment teeth to secure the restoration, and Maryland bridges can secure the tooth on just one abutment tooth in certain instances when two abutment teeth are not available.

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We Have Been Bridging the Gaps in Smiles for Decades

Dental bridges are a highly flexible treatment option that can be made to suit your needs. We have plenty of experience in helping patients bridge gaps in their smiles. To learn about your options for tooth replacement, reach out to our experienced dental team for a consultation. We can help you learn about the benefits of having your teeth replaced and the risks of long-term tooth loss without restorations.

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