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Dental and oral appliances are made-to-measure devices that can help our patients maintain a high level of oral health virtually anywhere and at any time. Although stock and over-the-counter options are available and may be a good choice for some patients, dentist-made oral devices are often more effective, comfortable, and durable than those purchased at stores. We team up with professional dental laboratories to provide our patients with oral devices that combine modern technology with high-quality dental materials.

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Nighttime teeth grinding and clenching often leads to multiple oral and overall health concerns, including damage to the teeth and temporomandibular joint disorders. It may also prevent you from getting a full night of restful sleep. If you are concerned about teeth grinding, we may recommend a custom-fitted nightguard to protect your teeth while you sleep and help you wake up feeling more rested.
healthy teeth after using night guards
Orthodontist holding retainers


Orthodontic treatments help patients achieve beautifully straightened teeth, but once the orthodontic device is removed, the teeth are in a vulnerable state. Over time, the teeth may shift back to their original positions. To set the teeth in position and ensure orthodontic treatment is as effective as possible, we provide patients with custom retainers to hold the teeth exactly in place. We may also recommend retainers for patients with minimal orthodontic needs or for several other reasons.

Sports Mouth Guards

While we will always encourage any activity that helps you achieve better overall health, sports can be tough on your mouth and head. Having protection is essential, especially if you play high-contact or risky sports, including hockey, soccer, baseball, or skiing or snowboarding. Each mouth guard is made from thin but durable material and can offer protection for athletes of all levels, ages, abilities, and sports.
two colourful sports mouthguard

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