Dental Implants

Superior Quality Dental Implants in Don Mills, ON

One or more missing teeth can have a significant impact on oral health and appearance. Whether the loss is due to injury, decay, or gum disease, a gap in the smile and specifically, the missing tooth root(s) contribute to a myriad of oral health issues. The two most common complications of tooth loss involve jawbone loss and a misaligned bite.

Comprehensive Tooth Replacement

Dental implants prevent or reduce the chances of bone loss and the resulting changes in facial contours as well as restoring complete function taking the place of your natural tooth and root. Donway Dental offers highly-skilled implant services, with a variety of implant options to suit the individual needs of each patient. Our dentists combine art and science to revitalize the smiles of patients with dental implants throughout Don Mills. 

Schedule a comprehensive consultation with our office today to see if a dental implant is the right restorative choice for your smile.

The Long-Term Benefits of a Dental Implant

While there are many options for restoring a missing tooth, dental implants offer the greatest benefits. A dental implant:

  • Restores natural chewing function
  • Keeps neighboring teeth from shifting out of alignment
  • Provides stimulation to the jaw bone, preventing bone loss
  • Allows normal eating and speaking
  • Preserves a smile’s natural aesthetic
  • Does not require extra maintenance
  • Can last indefinitely with regular checkups

Receiving Your Dental Implant

The first step in receiving an implant is a thorough examination with advanced imaging to determine whether you are a viable candidate for implants. In some cases, additional preparations such as bone grafting may be needed before an implant can be placed.

Once eligibility is determined, the procedure scheduled and the precise angle and location of the implant(s) will be planned and charted.

On the day of the procedure, the patient will be provided with a local anesthetic. For those with dental anxiety, we also offer conscious sedation to make the process easier.

The dentist inserts the implant, a post made from titanium for its biocompatible properties, directly into the jawbone. Depending on the type of implant, the prosthetic tooth (or teeth) may be attached during the same procedure, or, as in most cases, the implant, bone, and gums will take time to heal and fuse sufficiently for the best stability and durability.

Once the prosthetic has been added, the implant is fully functional. Patients with implants can resume their normal lifestyle with a new, revitalized smile.

Types of Implant-Supported Restorations

  • Crowns – to replace individual teeth with one implant post each.
  • Bridges – to replace rows of missing teeth with a minimum of two implant posts.
  • Dentures – to replace most or all teeth missing from one or both arches with a minimum of four to six implant posts

Fine Dentistry Centered on Patient Care

Donway Dental provides gentle and efficient dentistry including dental implant placement for the Don Mills community. Our clean, relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff will provide you with a therapeutic experience during each visit. We look forward to serving you at our convenient Don Mills location. Schedule your next visit with us today


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