Restorative Dentistry in North York

Cavities, missing teeth, and tooth infections are all serious dental problems that can lead to severe consequences for your dental health. Thankfully, modern dentistry has come a long way, giving you many options for having your smile restored.

At Donway Dental, our dedicated team has helped patients across North York to achieve their healthiest smile through our restorative dental services. Whatever your dental health problems, we will help you to overcome them with skilled and compassionate treatment. Find out how restorative dentistry can transform your smile when you call our dental office today.

A Wide Array of Restorative Dental Services

When it comes to restorative dentistry, Donway Dental has a wide array of services to revitalize your smile. Our restorative dental services include:

  • Dental Implants: A permanent tooth restoration option. Dental implants consist of a titanium post implanted into the jaw, and a prosthetic tooth attached to the post, preserving your alignment and aesthetic. These posts fuse to the jaw for enhanced stability, and the tooth is designed to match your surrounding teeth.
  • Dentures: Available as both full dentures to replace all teeth and partial dentures to replace groups of missing teeth. Dentures today are custom-crafted to fit snugly in your mouth and limit movement and slipping.
  • Fixed Bridges: A tooth replacement option that can replace up to three teeth at once. The prosthetic teeth are suspended between two neighboring teeth, which are fitted with crowns to act as anchors for the bridge.
  • Fillings: The most common tooth restoration, fillings are placed in the open space after the removal of decayed enamel. Composite fillings can be color-matched to the surrounding enamel to be virtually undetectable.
  • Crowns: Placed over a tooth that has been cracked, has a large filling or has undergone a root canal. Crowns are placed over a prepared tooth, granting it stability and protecting it from damage or infection.
  • Composite Bonding: If a tooth has been chipped, a composite resin may be shaped and bonded to the tooth to restore its natural appearance and function.
  • Root Canal Therapy: A procedure designed to cleanse and preserve a tooth from an infection of the inner pulp. The dentist removes all infected enamel and soft tissue, stabilizes the roots, then fills in the tooth to prevent further infection.

Reliable Dentistry in North York

At Donway Dental, our team is dedicated to providing you with a wonderful dental experience. From our skilled services to our friendly atmosphere, we make you feel at home even if it’s your first visit. Schedule your next appointment with us today!



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