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Dental Prosthetic Care in Don Mills

Whether due to unforeseen injury, trauma, advanced decay, or periodontal disease, tooth loss can significantly impact your smile and your self-confidence. At Donway Dental, our team of professional dental care providers is committed to helping restore the full function, health, and beauty of your smile with reliable, natural-looking prosthetic crowns and bridges. 

If you or a loved one need restorative care, we encourage you to contact our compassionate team today to schedule your initial consultation and thorough evaluation. 

Helping Repair the Function and Beauty of Smiles with Reliable Prosthetics 

Our entire team understands that when you experience tooth loss or damage, many aspects of life are also affected, such as self-esteem, appearance, dental function and overall quality of life. We offer our reliable prosthetics to help you achieve optimal oral health, both functionally and aesthetically. Each crown and bridge we provide is crafted with your unique needs in mind as we utilize a trusted lab for fabrication with top-quality materials such as enamel-colored porcelain. 

New and existing patients visiting our Don Mills dental office can rest assured they are receiving the best dental prosthetics available. Some of the restorations we offer include:

Crowns help protect and seal an at-risk tooth from future damage or infection. These dental caps completely encase the tooth’s structure and are the preferred solution for single tooth replacement. They are permanently affixed to a dental implant post and can be used to restore shape, size, strength, and aesthetics to damaged teeth. 

Bridges are tooth restoration appliances that can help replace multiple missing teeth. These dental prosthetics use two adjacent crowns to support an artificial tooth, also known as a pontic. Bridges can be used to help address bite complications as well as help preserve the integrity of surrounding teeth, making them an effective treatment option for many patients. 

The Importance of Caring for Your Prosthetics  

As a part of your initial treatment, our team takes the time to stress the value of diligent care for both overall oral and the longevity of your dental prosthetics. To help you enjoy all functional and aesthetic benefits these appliances have to offer, it is vital you maintain a proactive at-home oral healthcare routine. Effective oral health care habits can significantly help preserve existing oral health and increase the longevity of your treatments. 

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Regardless of your need for dental crown or bridge treatment, the team at Donway Dental are here to help. Call our friendly and knowledgeable office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation! 



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