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Oral Surgery Don Mills, Ontario

Complex dental procedures, such as oral surgery may be intimidating to some, but when necessary, this area of dental care can significantly improve your oral health. At Donway Dental, we provide oral surgery in Don Mills, Ontario to restore a number of dental deficits that are impacting our patients’ quality of life. 

From wisdom teeth extractions to dental implants, our dedicated dental professionals, are experienced in providing all phases of oral surgery and tailor your treatment to meet your specific needs. 

Oral Surgery Services at Donway Dental

If oral surgery has been recommended by one of our dentists, or if you have been referred by one of our trusted partners, your oral health cannot be preserved by more conservative means. For example, extracting severely damaged or impacted teeth is often the only way to maintain or correct the alignment of healthy teeth. We provide the following:

Dental Implant Placement - If one or more teeth are missing; this restorative procedure installs replacement tooth roots into bone, which is one of the most effective ways to regain a healthy set of teeth.

Bone Grafting – After long-term tooth loss, patients’ bone volume begins to resorb or deplete. Not only does this affect existing teeth, but bone loss also requires treatment before dental implants are placed. A bone graft restores healthy bone volume, creates a better support system for natural teeth, and promotes treatment success for implants. 

Complex Extractions - One of the most common reasons for oral surgery has to do with wisdom teeth, which usually need to be removed between the ages of 17-25. If wisdom teeth are impacted, careful incisions are placed into the soft tissue to ensure these teeth can be accessed and removed. 

Simple Teeth Extractions – Teeth with straight-shaped roots that are fully emerged through bone and tissue can be removed through less complex means. While this may still indicate surgical processes, accessing the tooth typically does not call for removing the tooth in pieces, which can be required for wisdom teeth extraction.

When is Dental Surgery Necessary?

At Donway Dental, our team thoroughly examines your smile at each routine visit or during a consultation for a specific service if restorative care may be indicated by your concerns. 

If wisdom teeth are the issue or you are missing teeth due to injury or gum disease you can count on our Don Mills dental team to make your comfort a priority. Oral surgery often involves the use of sedation and this aspect of your care is also carefully administered to meet your unique needs. 

Your extraction or dental implant procedure is strategically approached to deliver satisfaction to our patients. 

Learn More about our Oral Surgery Care in Don Mills!

If you would like more information about wisdom teeth extraction and implant placement in the Don Mills area, contact Donway Dental and schedule an appointment!



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